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Decline to State (Former Employee) says

"The ED and Principal create a hostile work environment in which staff feel insecure about their jobs, fearful of reprisals, and undervalued and unappreciated."


"weighing in and out the trucks, doing accounting billing and data entry, drawing up contracts for new and current customers, accountable for cash flow Cons: breaks, health care, work load"

Analista de Suporte (Former Employee) says

"Dia extremamente corrido. Cons: Sem refeitório ou área de descompressão"

Public Health Associate (Former Employee) says

"My experience was good, and it compensate for my workload. Some of the staff there is fun to be with and very friendly. The only thing I didn't like is it's very far from home. I commute every day."

Data Entry (Current Employee) says

"You can choose what time you want to work and they allow scalers to extend working hours if they want. Every task you do already has the instructions before you start doing task. They also have channels where the scalers can ask questions, they give guidelines and tutorials for the scalers to be efficient with their work."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Environment was great with coworkers. However, be careful if you speak up against bad management. You may find yourself getting written up by liars without proof to their claims. Lots of nepotism at this place. Cons: Lots of nepotism at this place. Be mindful of who you're dealing with."

Former Employee - Operations Associate says

"I worked at Scale full-time for more than a year Cons: The work culture is awful! So many people are working 16+ hours and it's expected. There is no real personal development plan for your growth due to management being inexperienced. You will constantly have to up manage your manager. The company has no empathy and certain workers are treated unfairly. Did not handle COVID-19 layoffs well. They told everyone that we're fine and then fired so many people."

Current Employee - Would Rather Not Say says

"I have been working at Scale full-time Cons: Objectively poor work / life balance"

Former Employee - ML Engineer says

"I worked at Scale full-time for more than a year Cons: - Scale is run by a kid who has never worked a job before. And it shows. - Meeting culture: everyone wants to have 3 hours of meetings every day. Managers "need" these to "understand" what's going on. - Extreme micro-management: incompetent managers don't trust what they don't know. - Management has no training and is completely unable to do their job. When I approached my own manager with management problems that they alone can solve, they told me "I wish someone would step up on the team to solve this." Lol -- that's you! - Extreme favoritism: people are fired without cause if a manager doesn't like you. - Leadership incompetence: there are people "running" ML projects that don't understand what ML is nor what it can and cannot do. - Every person in management is arrogant and lacks the humility necessary to learn how to effectively inspire and manage people."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Scale full-time for less than a year Cons: - Pay pennies to people to draw boxes - Terrible CEO - Textbook-smart coworkers, but no creativity - Lack of product-market fit"

Former Employee - Operations says

"I worked at Scale full-time Cons: There have been reviews that state that the engineering team is treated better than operations teams, I'm here to state that this is also false. There is a non-negligible chance that if you are an engineer, you will go to federal prison. No need to share names, but it has been covered in the news. Why risk your freedom for some stock options of a company that isn't scalable? They are literally a consulting shop posing as a SaaS company. They heavily rely on contractors paying them barely livable wages from developing countries to draw boxes around objects."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Scale full-time Cons: Oh boy, where do I start. There are many things that previous reviews have already addressed concerning the absolute asinine work-life balance, immature handling of laid off employees due to COVID, finger pointing habits from leadership, lack of transparency from upper management and the prioritization of hitting short term goals and projects over investing in and developing long term processes, but I thought I would share what I noticed that was going on. While you do encounter some of the most harding working people you will ever meet, sadly many of them are overworked, taken advantaged of, and underpaid. I cannot stress the fact that most people dedicate their entire time making this a success just to be undervalued. Operations is a crucial driver in meeting important deadlines to the point where heroics are pulled resulting in all nighters and 12+ hour work days. Because operations function in an on-call fashion, working every weekend is a must. I was working on average 60 hours a week with very little sleep. I have had multiple breakdowns and burnt out quite a few times. Mental health was rarely acknowledged at the time and was later addressed as a bandaid fix. Another issue that was quite prevalent before I started working here was the work culture of "us vs them"--referring to QA and how they are viewed in respect to the rest of the company. There is a particular attitude when other people from other orgs interact with QA that I have noted in various meetings. The tone tends to be condescending and patronizing. That does not sit well with me as I view QA to be very essential to how we operate. There is also a review below that did not sit with me as well. The review painted the pictured that framed QA as being noncompliant to the shifting roles and needs to the company and as a result, led to their jobs being terminated. This leads me to believe that most people had no idea what QA did nor were they aware of the versatility and value they put forth to the table. I had high hopes that I would be entering into a work environment that would be inclusive while motivating me to do better at my job. That was not always the case. Working harder does not necessarily translate into rewards or recognition from upper leadership. If a team or org does exceptionally well, no one bats an eye unless you are apart of eng. There is preferential treatment of certain orgs over others which exacerbates the existing power dynamic and make certain interactions uncomfortable. There is a particular culture of shifting blame from leadership and upper management. There is no accountability even if they make poor decisions. What tends to happens if something goes wrong or unexpected, the blame is then dumped onto an org or team and accused of not properly planning for their sudden rash moves. In the end of the day, you are at fault for circumstances you have no control of."

Current Employee - Operations says

"I have been working at Scale full-time for more than a year Cons: - Abused operations & contractors. Ops and contractors cut 20+ people with with other teams together going through <5 - CEO heavily favors engineering & doesn't engage or listen to ops employees over engineers. Even when many in the company suggest listening to ops more. - No recognition for work hard work - financially, publicly, or status. It doesn't matter what you do, no one will care unless it is top of the CEOs mind or extremely visible. - Similarly, Favoritism culture. - Can't hire senior engineers or senior ops people because management structure in total dis-array. - No investment in employee's careers or skills - All words, Smoke, and mirrors. Same narrative is preached quarter and after quarter, but nothing actually gets better. It's up to employees to work overtime 10a-4am shifts to make their own job better, can't expect support from upper leadership. - Upper leadership will claim it was their success that made the status quo better when they gave no resources and just ask people to grind more to make it better. - No chance of raises or more stock in ops. Financially limited gain. - Low chance of promotion or status upgrade in ops. Limited career mobility. If you have a chance, don't work here. Work at any other company. You'll get trapped here for "stock that might go public" but you'll realize that it isn't worth much in the long run because the company needs to 100x for it to be the opportunity cost somewhere else. - also it's 60+ hour work week minimum with no weekends off."

Current Employee - Operations says

"I have been working at Scale full-time for more than a year Cons: Average work week of 60+ hrs Working every single weekend is a norm No transparency on future plans, Upper management is completely dishonest and untrustworthy Underpaid full time offer High stress environment Several of my coworkers are contractors whose contracts were promised to be renewed yet when brought up recently they were essentially given no answers — extremely poor ethics in this regard considering we’re in a pandemic, this simply shows that the company does not care about its workers. At least be transparent about future plans so people can prepare accordingly."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I worked at Scale full-time for less than a year Cons: I recently left scale to pursue another opportunity, but the primary reason I left is because of the severe burnout from the pressure and the culture toxicity that I experienced working at Scale for almost a year. After I left, I thought things would be better and that I could move on knowing that the worst has passed. But I still felt angst and anger towards Scale that oscillate during my regular days. I reached a point where I felt suicidal and thought about ending my life. And that's when I knew that I needed help from a professional. I consulted with a psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with PTSD. I wanted to surface this so current employees would know that this work culture is beyond abnormal and to prospective employees to be wary of this company."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Scale full-time for less than a year Cons: arrogant, inexperienced kids in leadership positions dishonest business practices not a software company - body shop misrepresent the company during interviews toxic culture at times"

Maciej says

"Ordered items never arrived. Customer service was stalling and absolutely useless."

Steven says

"Raised issue about product quality and haven’t received any response or even acknowledgement"

Declan Pritchard says

"Prompt Delivery"

Christopher Braid says

"Seems these reviews are kind of pointless. Last review was for undelivered product. Company was emailed. Never responded. Didn’t respond to a negative review either. Kind of makes you wonder if they are worthwhile."

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